Alie Sockol
Brunch Corespondent
Founder of Brunches of Boston

Brunch; we love it for its unapologetic ability to get us drunk before noon, feed us indulgently and bring us together with friends. As the Founder of Brunches of Boston it’s fair to say I’ve enjoyed my share of brunches and from my personal brunch-capades have advised where to take Grandma, where to turn to nurse that killer hangover, where to go for a patio brunch get-together and just about everything in between. With our mission to create brunch community in Boston and enhance brunch culture, it’s only natural that we discuss what could or (could not) be the next trend, brunch dating.

While certainly not the traditional first or second date routine, we’re going to examine what brunch dating entails and our thoughts on if you should be doing it. We already know that brunch is the best meal of the day, so combining it with meeting new romantic prospects seems like a reasonable idea. But, is that really the case? Is brunch dating the most genius idea to grace the planet or does it make for a perfect storm of disaster?

To answer this question we must first recognize that there are two types of brunch first dates. The first resembles a traditional date; it’s planned in advance and both parties arrive putting their best foot forward. The second, not so much. We’ll touch more on the second kind of date later in this post, so stay tuned.  At the first type of brunch date the inviting party has the opportunity to scope out menus and reviews (by using of course) and can even stop by the restaurant and make sure it is a classy enough place to bring a date. Somewhere like Liquid Art House, Stephi’s on Tremont, Stella, or any of the other recommendations that pop up under the “Classy” search on are good options for this type of first brunch date.

The Planned Brunch Date

There are a few particularly good reasons to plan this kind of brunch date. Firstly, unless you go to Top of the Hub and order five drinks, brunch prices are generally reasonable and within the same range of one another. This means you can pick a high-end restaurant without worrying about spending the huge bucks on someone you aren’t sure you will connect with. That being said, we all know how nerve-wracking and awkward first dates can be; since drinking alcohol is normal while brunching, a brunch date provides the opportunity to casually sip a vodka infused courage boost without judgment (we advise two bloodys max though to ensure the no judgment part).  Another plus of a brunch date is that if you don’t hit it off with the person you’re with you still have the entire rest of the day and night to make other plans. This instantly eliminates the “F%$K I just wasted my whole night on some dud” disappointment that unequivocally follows a shitty date. On the contrary if you end up in a “love at first sight” situation, you can extend your plans for as long as you’d like. The last benefit to a planned brunch date is your ability to eat whatever you want without looking like a fat ass. Brunch is decadent by design so unless you get Nutella French toast, a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich and three sides of hashbrowns you’re in the clear for coming across as a “normal person” who allows themselves an indulgent meal on the weekends, just like everyone else.

There is one identifiable downside to planning a brunch date. Since brunch is only served on Saturday and Sunday mornings/afternoons there are only two possible days a week you can go on a brunch date, which also happen to be your only two days to sleep in. So, if you cherish your Saturday and Sunday morning-into-afternoon sleep, a brunch date might not work for you. However, if you cherish your Saturday and Sunday morning-into-afternoon sleep THAT much and you’re more than 3 years post-college you really need to get it the F together.

The One Night Stand Brunch Date

Now let’s take a look at the second type of brunch date; the not so planned, not so best foot forward kind. This is the infamous “morning after” brunch. We’ve all been there; drank too much the night before and winded up sleeping over at someone’s apartment you either know peripherally or not at all and now it’s the next morning and you’re both hungover AF. The “morning after” brunch will either be exactly what you need to cure your hangover and you’ll discover that you and your possible one-night-stand are actually soulmates. Or, it will cure your hangover and reinforce that you should never, ever, under any circumstances speak to this person again.

Since at a morning after brunch you will both undeniably look like shit this type of brunch date can only be held at a sub-par establishment. We suggest one of our “hangover cure” recommendations like Whiskey’s or Pour House, which coincidentally are next to each other so if one has too long of a line you can hobble on over to the other. Your situation at a morning after brunch is as such; you and said partner both desperately need greasy food and think there’s at least some amount of potential that you’ll actually like each other sober. So with that in mind, we condone ordering whatever the F%$K you want because let’s be real, you need it and this has already been deemed (basically) a judgment free zone, which is a refreshingly rare position to be in on a first date.

At a morning after brunch you and your “date” are both putting forward either your true self or worst self. So, if you do hit it off it’s likely you might actually be good for one another since you’re skipping the whole “I’m so accomplished and together” aspect of a first date (which we are all for). The next benefit of a morning after brunch date is the prices. Considering prices at acceptable morning after brunch spots are low, these dates are ideal for getting to know someone while putting your worst self forward and paying minimum prices. Honestly, it sounds pretty legit to us. The only real downside to a morning after date is if you and your date don’t hit it off (which let’s be real is likely) you’re stuck at a table with them while you look like shit and are painfully hungover. But hey, at least you still have the entire rest of the day to recuperate after!

So what’s our conclusion? After examining the details closely we’ve decided that brunch dating is a very good idea. It’s cheap, it entails good food, and doesn’t take up your precious nights, among all the other reasons listed above. In fact, we’re pulling for it to be the next big trend sweeping the nation. We all love brunch, we all need love, let’s combine the two and make America satiated again.