It's time that we control our night and unwind. Meet Unwind Approved, quality, young professionals in your city.

Step 1: Register

Register for early access on the Unwind Social homepage to have your social profile reviewed by a member of our team. 

Step 2: We Review Member Submissions

We do the dirty work and make sure everyone who wants to be an Unwind Social member and attend Unwind Social events is top-notch and meant to be there. Let our team go on the first few dates for you to improve your calculated success. Each submission is carefully reviewed by our Unwind Algorithm and a dedicated member of the Unwind Social team to ensure we are connecting ambitious, driven young professionals.

Note: Any public social assets such as your LinkedIn, Facebook Page, Twitter or Instagram may be reviewed as a part of the process.

Step 3: Unlock Events

Once your early access has been approved, you will be notified that your account has been unlocked with access to attend the next Unwind Social event in your city. Unwind Social provides VIP experiences at some of the coolest venues for our members. Sip on a signature cocktail and enjoy complimentary hors d'oeuvre while chatting with the best in the city.

Step 4: Unwind

We know you're always on the go and when you do get the chance to unwind, we want to make sure it's with the best of people. Our theory is that you have a room filled with some of the best young professionals in your city, the odds of creating positive outcomes increases exponentially. 

Step 5: Meet Great People

We're not a one-trick pony or another dating app. We help spark conversations that could lead to romance, networking or making new friends. 



Why waste hours of swiping left and right to find true love when you can meet dozens of awesome guys and girls at the same place at the same time? This isn't speed dating and we don't ever want it to be. It's about providing an experience that connects you with quality not quantity.




Unwind Social events attract some of the city's best talent from entrepreneurs to marketing geniuses and everything in between. This isn't a career fair and we don't ever want it to be. Who knows, you might unwind a wild business opportunity, join a cool startup or close a deal...after the event of course.


Make New Friends

You might be a transplant, new to town or looking to just grow your circle. Unwind Social helps connect the people that deserve connecting. We're not making after work kickball teams and we don't ever want to be. That's your job! 

Step 6: Nominate a Charity or Cause

One of the coolest parts about being a member of the Unwind Social circle is that as young professionals you are given the opportunity to give back. We recognize that many of the city's top young professionals care about their community and are often connected to at least one great cause. Following each event an Unwinder in attendance has the opportunity to nominate a charity of their choice. All of the submissions are then reviewed by the Unwind Team and once one is selected, we make the donation. Simple.